The 2 Month Ceilidh!

Starting June 30th, 2016, after an EPIC Sierra Fiddle Camp, I, along with some of my stalwart fiddle camp friends, went on a month long tour of Scotland! We went from Orkney to Glasgow playing village halls, raiding castles and jumping in placid lochs. 

There were many late night sessions and whiskey tastings, and other shinanigans and at the end of it all we ended up on the Isle of Skye at Sabhal Mor Ostaig for Scottish fiddle week with Alasdair, Natalie, Adam Southerland, Chris Stone and Sarah Neylor!
From there I hopped on a plane to Spain for Crisol de Cuerdo, which was an amazing festival of music, food and dancing. Afterward I went west with Colin Cotter, my novia Maria and our good friend Lev for a tour of Galicia and Leon! 

We also stopped by Portugal for a day and had an epic multicultural Justin Bieber jam in the main square of Oporto :) [video impending...]

I saw the Running of the Bulls in Aldeamayor (where, for the whole time I was there, the music played in the main square from 7pm to 5am) and many more castles (sorry, Scotland, Spain wins) and ate the best food I've ever had.